The Goddess of Love human ID

The Goddess of Love human ID by Elizabeth2003


Following the previous picture description , Venusmon, in order to catch up with her fiancé´s movements she chose to adopt a human identity.
Being tipped by Kabuki Sakuyamon, Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida , the Goddess learned that her beloved Makoto is working in Hollywood! So what´s the best best way to meet her man than becoming an actress as well?

And enter Michaela Knight (she initially signed as Michaela Washington but her agent suggested a more fitting stage name) , Digidestined Michael´s reality 12 counterpart!

In chapter 15 from my fanfic, the Goddess already managed to have Makoto working in the same movie as her..god only knows when he learns about Michaela´s true identity…


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