The Goddess of Love´s Beloved

The Goddess of Love Beloved by Elizabeth2003


Mimi´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined guy called Makoto Tachikawa (by the way,  the name´s been suggested by Flapinko)
He´s 28 years old and is  the Digidestined of Sincerity  but sometimes he tends to act more like the Digidestined of Love due to his playboy nature :giggle:
And in his list of romances, there´s Venusmon!

Years ago, when he was 20, the Olympos XII began a war between themselves that threatened to tear down the Digiworld. Summoned by Kabuki Sakuyamon, the digidestineds did the best they could to put an end the the Gods´s war.

During those uncertain times, Makoto had no better idea than getting one of the gods´s support by wooing Venusmon!
His charms and self-confidence did the trick and the Goddess of Love fell for the digidestined.

“Oh…if only I could make you my wife!” said Makoto that night while laying on the bed “But I, a mere human am not worthy of you…”

Venusmon giggled, that arrogant yet handsome human certainly knew how to flatter a Goddess.

“It´s ok, darling. ” and she kissed him on the lips ” I can WAIT”

“Sure…what?!” he was ready to fall to Morpheus embrace “What do you mean?”

Makoto was a bachelor and for him, this was nothing but a beautiful yet ephemeral romance.

“About humanity , I´m fine with that” she lovingly leaned on him ” Once this war is settled with the Digidestineds´s victory, you´ll be worthy to be my husband…”

Makoto´s eyes opened wide. Wasn´t she supposed to be as free-spirited as him?!

“Well…I can´t say I will be really worthy of being…beloved. I am a poor, starving college student…I can barely support Palmon and myself. Let alone a wife!” he needed to think fast! He had tons of ladies to meet in the springtime of his youth before considering…that perpetual sentence! “If I cannot succeed  as a man, I can´t be a good husband… understand, my love?”

Venusmon nodded.

“Very well” she replied ” I´ll WAIT ”

For her it was settled, Makoto Tachikawa agreed to become her fiancee. Makoto, gulped. He WASN´T READY for that.

The next day, after an emotinal good-bvye, Makoto rejoined his group. The war was settled and other conflicts came around the digital world. But things, mostly, turned Ok.

Years passed . The Olypmpic XII never went into another brawl and the digidestineds didn´t set a foot in their realm anymore. Makoto went ahead with his life, graduated college and went to live to Los Angeles and eventually forgot about his romantic interlude with Venusmon.

But the Goddess kept waiting during all this time. Until her patience finally ran out.

“Ok, now he´s 28. He must had achieved his goals” said the Goddess one day ” It´s time to reclaim my fiancee”

Of course, since she was going to the human world Venusmon decided that her looks were too daunting for mortal eyes.

And she decided that the wisest thing was to disguise herself as one of them…

Makoto will be so pleased when he finally meets her again!


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