Meet the White Knight

Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.

Takumi Shiro is a child from a reality that wasn´t supposed to happen in the first place and due to extraordinary circumstances, he still exists despite his reality being erased to its original form. Saturn Angemon took him under his wing, altered Takumi´s Dna and embedded the boy with a bit of his own powers…turning him into an Hybrid. Following Saturn Angemon´s orders, he is known as the White Knight (in response to Sho Kahara, the Black Knight) and must  be by  Meiko Mochikuzi´s side all the time  (

Takumi is like Steve Worthington and other digidestineds, he is his own digimon. When duty calls, he digivolves into a Shiro Angemon , an alternate form of Angemon.

All what he wants is his reality back, Omega,  and he won´t hesitate to oppose the heroes….


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