A Fallen digidestined

A Fallen digidestined by Elizabeth2003

Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future.
Years ago, traveled to Tokyo looking for her digimon …but despite her best efforts, she could never find her beloved Meicoomon. That fact saddened her a lot and not knowing what actually happened to her digimon was even worse.

But what happens when one day she´s told that a certain group of digidestineds was responsible for Meicoomon´s fate…?

“I am Meiko Mochikuzi and I´ll gladly fulfill the mission I was assigned: Take down all the digidestineds, no matter from which reality…”

She holds a huge, nasty grudge against the Supremes…but she also holds a deep hatred towards Taichi Yagami´s circle.

Beware of this Meiko because she won´t hold back! Especially with her current partner who´s ready to torn down anything that becomes a hindrance!


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