I am there for you

|| I am there for you || by Elizabeth2003

“My dear partner, please cheer up. Don´t say you are giving up your mission”
“But after searching for so long, I still cannot find Magnus…what am I fighting for after so many failures?” said a tearful Nova ” Sometimes, I think I have nothing else to give…I am tired, exhausted. I have…nothing!”
But the angel gently took the girls hands and in a sweetest tone, he said to her.
“No, you are mistaken”

“I am not! ”
” Yes you are. I used to think the same but I am here for you. I will always be…because…after so many adventures I realized you became my family. Please, don´t say you quit..otherwise, where I shall go?”
Those words choked the girl.
He nodded, many emotions were running through his chest.
“At least, until we find your brother…please, share everything with me. Your laughs, your tears, your fears and hopes…because that´s what families do, right?”

She nodded.


“Shall we fly and let the winds dissolve our worries?” the angel suggested, gallantly.
“I would love to”

And so angel and partner flied through the skies of Rome and at least for a while, they were able to forget their sadness and deepen their bond…


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