A happy Moment

A happy moment by Elizabeth2003

Today I learned about Wada Kouji ´s passing away and my heart aches for both his beloved ones as for the entire digimon fans.
I loved his songs and I believe Digimon won´t be the same without that talented soul…

But instead of drawing a mourning scene, I just wanted to share one of the most touching moments from my fic. While I can´t talk in Kouji´s name, I think he would liked it.

The good Leo from V-Tamers is lending his shoulders to a troubled Angewomon and after talking a bit with him, she gains courage to do something she was afraid to: accepting Lord Holy Angemon´s marriage proposal! (And yeah, I copied Leomon´s epic expression from Tri. Because I always knew he was a SOFTIE :heart:)

From chapter XIV


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