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“Before embracing love, you ought to learn the true meaning of Friendship. Because sometimes you wish to be comforted without asking for it” declared Magnus ” Because, Hikari-san, a good friend takes interest in another person´s suffering and tries to do something even at the risk of being rebuffed. You may have restored an Andromon´s heart, yet you failed   the friend who needed you the most”Despite not remembering him, somehow his words echoed her mind.

Then , right after Malomyotismon´s defeat, Tk went missing for 3 days. Now he´s back but Hikari sensed a change in her friend. When she looked at him, he , once again fell asleep in his chair. Luckily it was self-study period ! Patamon emerged from under the desk.

“Woah!” said  the little digimon “A handsome ghost is tickling my ears!”

The ghost was Magnus Takariyama and the teen kept playing with Patamon´s ears.

“…zzzz…then ask for his number…zzzzz” was Tk´s semi automatic reply

“Tk!!” patamon ´s cheeks turned red


Kari ´s mouth opened with astonishment when she realized the ghostly presences of Magnus and Angemon around Takeru. Was she dreaming?!


“Hi there, Hikari-san” smiled Angemon “Lovely day, isn´t it?”

The girl , puzzled, greeted the angel by waving a hand.

“A bit cloudy, I believe” added the teenager Magnus ” Like her emotions”

Hikari may not remember him  but still she suddenly felt she couldn´t look him at the eyes. Unable to stand his gaze anymore , she stood up and fled to the bathroom.


“Is that delightful teasing poor Hikari?” asked Angemon

“Don´t pity her, she pretty much enjoys teasing her peers” replied Magnus in a casual tone “Her self confidence is so low that if she doesn´t tease someone, she´ll feel like a shadow. Poor Daisuke, poor Tk…nope, scratch Tk. In terms of naughtiness, he equals hers”

“How come?”

“My current self, Takeru, owns such a low self-confidence that he´ll too will cope with his insecurities by the teasing crap. I used to be like that too, so I know where´s going this whole thing” he tickled Patamon´s ears a bit more. Patamon may be able to see him but not actually listening to his voice “I think I am going to break some rules and push this brat´s buttons…”

“Why?” Angemon frowned “You said that as his past incarnation, you could only watch ”

“Yep, but then I caught a glimpse of a yet, distant future, and if I allow this brat go at this slow, dense rate…” Magnus made a little pause “My present self needs me”


From now own and for the upcoming years,  sometimes subtly and other times not so subtly, Magnus Takariyama would prepare Takeru Takaishi for the impending future. Takeru needed to outgrow his initial insecurities and truly learn to stand by himself.

“Before embracing love, a digidestined needs to acknowledge true friendship…and for that the digidestined in question also has to have the courage of doing so…and in order to gain the courage , he needs to embrace Sincerity as well. Because if he isn´t able to be sincere with his own heart, there´s no way he could be reliable to either himself nor the rest of world. Once the digidestined´s embraced the first 6 crests, then Light and Hope will lend their true powers…”sentenced Magnus “And I am speaking for all the digidestineds as well…”






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