After 3 days, the missing Takeru Takaishi was found wandering near Tokyo Bay.

Despite the constant questions, the boy had been unable to tell where he had been or what did he do during that period; he was returned to his friends and family with nothing else but an amnesia. The weeks passed but his memories were still foggy; but despite not being able to remember a thing he somehow changed. He suddenly showed a more cheerful, relaxed personality; his self-confidence also gained a boost. His eyes shone brighter than before and his smile, while charming, kinda felt as he was keeping something wonderful to himself.

He also gained a new tendency: fallING asleep at random times (and sometimes at very unfortunate times!) and whatever he saw in Morpheus land, he would simply smile and say he may had been a cat in a previous life.

And it was at those times, when asleep, that his guardian spirits would keep an extra eye on him. They needed to make sure the secret he brought back from that cosmic adventure wouldn´t see the light. That´s why both his past incarnation and his current Angemon´s spirit made a secret deal: neither Tk nor Patamon were allowed to learn about the secret. Not at this stage, not while both of them were so young and immature.


Because when the day arrives…when his memories return… it would mark the beginning of the End…..



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