Confronting the Mirrors by Elizabeth2003

Since the clash, Nova couldn´t close her eyes and rest without being haunted by Saturn Angemon in her dreams.
He didn´t take it very well when Supremes and  tamers ruined his plans and he certainly had a grudge against Nova and Tempus Angemon.

“Why are you helping Lucemon?” asked Nova once again.

She looked around and saw that her dreams, this time , took her to Seraphimon´s palace…most specifically, to Seraphimon´s Chamber of Mirrors.

“As I said, it´s my business” replied the dark Angel of Time “But I admit that he´s willing to break the limits and I kinda like THAT”

Nova felt a shiver from head to toes. But pretended indifference anyways. She knew Saturn well enough that it was like dealing with a chess Master and he already dragged her into his game; now, in the astral form, he wanted to challenge her psyche thus exposing her true self. She wasn´t wearing her digivice in that place so her usual clothes and haircut were off, the codes were dormant..she only had her will and heart as her only weapons.

“…so causing a gap in the universes and making a milkshake with them is what you wanted?”  Nova kept walking “Merging the digiworlds into a messy pizza was your true objective?!”

The digidestineds were left with only 8 days to undo Lucemon´s mess. Otherwise, all the realities would end up impacting each others and there would be nothing left to save…

“Not that, but it´s fun anyways” he crossed his arms, he seemed bored  “Enough of that topic”

Nova wondered what happened to him, he wasn´t the same foe that Tempus Angemon and his team defeated in the past. The current Saturn seemed bolder, edgier than the one they fought against years ago. And his grudge towards them were worse than before, it seems!

“So let´s change it” instead of trying to chase him off her dreams, Nova was willing to play his game. In order to defeat an enemy, it ´s a must learn about him…even if his mere presence made her nauseated and her senses were screaming: RUN AWAY! “I already forgot about this Chamber…”

“Seraphimon rarely used it” replied the other angel “Had the fool used it a bit more often, he could had foreseen Cherubimon´s betrayal and thus preventing the future disasters taking place…like Lucemon´s reawakening?” he was teasing her.

“Or perhaps he actually had a glimpse of all that and let it happen anyway?” she retorted, smiling ” The Celestial always possessed an access to the threads of Time

“Seraphimon had always been a fool” mumbled Saturn Angemon “But that´s the case with all the digital angels as well. Despite acknowledging their tendency to meet Tragedy, they keep walking the hero route anyways! ”

Nova sighed. She knew it pretty well…in most of the realities she´d been, she witnessed a digital angel´s death. Especially Angemon´s. It was heartbreaking!

“You are like HIM. Insisting on walking the same path” smirked Saturn “You are asking for it”

The woman ´s face paled.

“So, what?”

“If I were to activate the mirrors and show it to you, are you willing to watch?”

As a Supreme, the only thing that she never did…

“My dear foe, I say to break some more boundaries ” Saturn Angemon surrounded Nova´s shoulders with his arm ” Let´s have a peek at YOUR FUTURE…”

And the mirrors brightened up and for a minute or so, they showed the future. Nova´s eyes widened in horror. THAT WAS HER FUTURE?!

“It´s a lie!” she yelled

“I may be your rival but as an Angel of Time, despite being the villain, I am still not allowed to lie. What you see it´s your Fate”

She broke away from his arm, she had difficulty to breath. God! She was feeling so sick right now…!

“That´s due to your obsession towards your brother. Wanting to find out the truth about his disappearance, thinking nothing but bringing him back home…and it will lead to your own destruction, dear”

She gasped, that was only a possible future! Nothing was really written in stone neither in the past nor in the future. She was in the timeline business, for God´s sake!

“I know what you are thinking, but what I showed you appears in all the probable futures. There´s no way back” Saturn was certainly enjoying with the girl´s distress , he was a true sadist in all the sense of the word.

“Why did you show me such a thing?” whispered her in the end

“Because I can undo it “he replied “You only have to give me back what you stole from me”

She didn´t reply.

“Give me back Alice Mac Coy and I´ll make sure you´ll be spared from that future”

Nova´s head was spiraling yet she managed to say:


Saturn Angemon´s smile vanished.

“You can´t be serious” he took her arms and began to shake her “Despite learning about your fate you still insist on keeping that girl away from me?!”

“Sure. I wouldn´t trade her welfare for any future of mine…leave Mac Coy alone! She ´s an innocent soul!”

Saturn wanted to know nothing about that.

“Not when she made a promise to me! “he yelled “She swore that she´d be with me! ” his face now was so close to Nova´s that she could feel his breath ” Both you and Tempus are incredible cruel, thanks to you I lost everything in the past…and now you are doing it again! ”

The angel was really pissed off.

“But mark my words, sooner or later SHE´LL REJOIN MY SIDE”

“As if!” yelled Nova at the same time “What´s your damned obsession towards that poor girl?!”

Saturn suddenly began to laugh.

“Don´t tell me you haven´t noticed it ! Mac Coy is pretty much like you and Worthington…she´s an hybrid!”

But before Nova could reply back, Saturn considered it was enough.

“Now, you are free to wake up” he sentenced and the following instant, Nova opened her eyes….


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