Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny by Elizabeth2003


From chapter 7:



“So that Key belonged to Clavis Angemon?” Pixiemon pointed at the golden key.


Magna Angemon and Pixiemon, again, exchanged a puzzled glare.

” It was given to me by another Angel.  Unlike you  or Clavis, he wasn´t a  digital angel…an angel of Destiny and Justice; that´s how he referred himself and acknowledging my past sins   he, at that  time,  could pretty much had erased my existence. Instead,  I was offered his friendship”

Pixiemon couldn´t contain an awe bu Magna Angemon forwned.

“Your past sins?” although he knew pretty well that Yggdrasil lead an existence longer than life itself, Norun´s bold confession still blew his mind. He suddenly realized he had no clue about the Goddess´s background and that was a pill hard to swallow.

“I see your face Magna and soon this tale will make a bit more sense”  she caressed one of the angel´s cheeks “Why did I assume a girl´s form? Why leaving behind my original, computerized body behind?… WELL, I did what I did because I was inspired by  HIS actions”

The digimons opened their mouths , the word shocked  could hardly describe their feelings at this precise moment. But Norun carried on with her explanations.

“I witnessed the rise of an angel of almost limitless powers only to transfer his  consciousness into a much humbler form, erasing in the process his own memories and powers… to be reborn as a  HUMAN”

Magna Angemon fell to his knees.

“Before bidding his farewell  I was confronted by the following question:

How are you supposed to protect both digital and human´s equilibrium when you, a holy computer, actually possess no understanding of their hearts?

I wasn´t able to offer any answer. The angel then smiled.

Yggdrasil I´ve been doing this for an eternity; changing forms, going through different stories and each time   amuses me.I am about to be reborn as a human boy and can´t wait to see how the new story unfolds.

My data became a turmmoil.  Isn´t being an angel magnificent enough? I asked, shaken.

And the angel replied: Because nothing amuses me the most than the adventures, and I believe you also need one, Yggdrasil. Allow yourself to live an adventure and see what I mean…


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