Miyako´s memories


…and after some rounds, the Ishida counterparts decided to hang over the boxing gloves and have a proper sibling-enemy-turned-ally talk.

What helped was the beer. Initially they´d been drinking in opposite spots, ignoring each other for several minutes; once the beverage´s magic began to work, their characteristic stubbornness  suddenly loosened up (or they were already in the Happy Hour) so all defenses were down.

“..so your folks divorced too?” asked Miyako


“How old were you when they finally had the guts to do it?”

“I was 8, my brother 5. You?”

“8 too but I am an only child”

Matt´s eyes opened wide, surprised.

“You don´t have any siblings? Any at all?”

Miyako sighed and engulfed another pint of beer

“Nope” she smiled a bit ” Mom once said  one kid was enough for a lifetime”

“Did you want to  have siblings?”

“Oh yeah! pretty much!” Miyako then turned around “What about you?”

“Well…while I loved Tk very much, he sometimes knew how to play the right notes to drive me crazy!” he smiled too “He used to follow me around like a little ducking and God! It used to embarrass the hell out of me! I kicked a classmate´s ass because he dared to call me Mother Goose”

Miyako contained a laugh. She could tell that even now he kinda looked like a bishonen type of Mother Goose…always seeking to protect his precious sibling.

“I would had done the same. Damned brats” she admitted “In the end, with whom did you live?”

Matt only offered a brief explanation about that. Yet Miyako´s eyes opened too, big, filled with horror.

“And I though I had crappy parents…” she sighed “Matt, I take back all the mean things I said about you. No wonder you are so messed up!  I too would had became a reverenced asshole had I being separated from my brother…!”

“HEY! HEY! Where´s the part about being sorry for being mean at me?!

“Well…while I understand you a bit more I still believe you are insanity in a nutshell”

“Lovely thing I hear from my female´s counterpart  lips! ” yelled Matt , indignant “And you aren´t miss Sunshine either!”

Miyako smirked.

“Yup, I am not. I too grew up moody and disappointed with the rest of the  world” she leaned over the bar´s counter “My parents ended hating each other so much that pretended the other party was dead; they grew up so obsessed with their jobs that dreaded coming home. And none of them was thrilled on fighting for my custody, either”


Miyako hit the bar and yelled at the barman:


Her tone freaked the man out and immediately handed two more beers.

“They practically lived for a promotion, taking care of a child was…unnerving. It´s such a bliss knowing that I was nothing but a burden to my folks. They shouldn´t had kids in the first place, it´s not like humanity is on the verge of extinction!” she drank her beer “But well, sometimes life stinks. And sometimes you get nothing but shitty parents. I bet you and Tk would had coped much better with this divorce business if you were allowed to live together, am I right?”

Matt nodded. She was right. After a while both Matt and Tk reached the same conclusion: they really didn´t care about their parents´s divorce, what they really wished was to be living in the same roof no matter in which house. Besides, their beloved folks  were so focused in their own careers that they barely saw their kids anyways! Yup, they were pretty messed up people who cared about their own egos and nothing else. He kinda feared both him and Sora would end up repeating the same mistakes..that´s why he got such a cold feet when Sora began to live at his place…

“What about you? Did you live with mom or dad?”

“Neither” she couldn´t help but giggle after seeing Matt´s jaw , it almost fell to the floor “I asked to be sent to Paris and live with Grandfather”

“No way!! ” he exclaimed “The crazy old man?!”

She assented and briefly explained that she always shared a fondness toward grandpa Michel  and he was the one who introduced her to the cello (he used to be one of the most famous cellists from the world ) during one of his visits. She  grasped the first notes at such speed that he insisted that she was a genius and had a future with the cello. Miyako´s parents reluctantly accepted to pay for music lessons and by the time of the divorce she was ready to join competitions. But neither the mother nor the father had time and willingness to support the child´s goals and even insisted that the music lessons´s  fees were too expensive and wanted her to quit the cello. Little Miyako was devastated.

One night, unable to fall asleep,  Miyako headed to the phone and dialed to France.

And two days later, grandpa Michel paid an unannounced visit at his daughter´s place and offered to take Miyako to Paris. He had to use all his oratory skills. The parents weren´t so sure to allow an 8 year old child to live to another continent , let alone under an eccentric´s care  like the old man.

Mon dieu! If you want to divorce, fine! Do it ! Nobody is going to tell you otherwise but don´t harm Miyako anymore! There´s a bright future awaiting for her..please! She´ll do much better in Paris than alone, in Tokyo..at least, give her the chance …

And they finally gave in.

Matt wondered how different were 01 Michel and the 012 one. If only their own grandfather cared that much..! But nope, Tk and Matt barely saw him. And never in his life did their grandfather set a foot in Japan.

“That´s so cool! I already like your grandad !” he said in the end “So you lived in Paris after that?”


“I HATE YOU. Now I wish that our grandfather did the same…imagine this! Tk and I living in Paris…!” for a moment he was a child again “But neah, ours lives for his winery and chasing after skirts”

Miyako began to laugh.

“Well, mine´s not that different. When he wasn´t living for his orchestra (he used to be a conductor, by the way) he kept chasing skirts. He was a hopeless, eternal flirt!”

And suddenly the Ishida exploded in a sincere laugh.

“We are so screwed up” declared Matt “You and I”

“Of course we are !” added Miyako in the end “We are the Ishidas…!”


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