Meet the Second string of digidestineds from Reality XII

Second string of digidestineds from Reality XII by Elizabeth2003


Nova Takariyama dreaded going to middle school, especially her class which she says it´s “cursed by being filled by idiots”  due to the constant teading from her peers.

Daisuke Motomiya´s alternate self (who is actually called Daisuke Motomiya!) was the main instigator. Him being also 13 and Nova studing at the same class with him, fearing people would make fun of his kansai accent he deflected his peers´s attention one day by calling Nova “the outsider”.
Because of this Nova grew quite resented both at him and her classmates although she never dared to say anything, choosing instead going to the high school sections and spend her free time glued to her elder brother Magnus´s side and his group of friends ( and )

But but after spending an entire year in the Digiworld (although one one day passed in the real world), shocked  and heartbroken for not  being able to find her brother (who went missing after being teleported to another world himself!)  Nova ´s personality changed DRASTICALLY.

The first thing she did once she went back to classes was KOing Motomiya and warned to the rest of her class:
“I went to hell and came back. If you still think bullying is such an amusing thing you´d better have medical insurance because I am WILLING to send anybody to the HOSPITAL if he or she dares to pull a prank against me. GOT IT?!”

Since that day, Daisuke  begged her to let him be her follower. Nova , not caring anymore said yes.

Miyako Inue´s counterpart is a bishie called Akio Inoue, a devoted blogger and aspiring novelist. He goes to thrid year in middle school. He openly admires both Sora Takenouchi and Makoto Tachikawa (who belong to a bike gang )  and follows them constantly and fearlessly takes photos of them . His eyes sparkles especially when he takes shots of his idols when involved in fights against rival gangs or when they assist a helpless soul and protect him or her from unwanted attention. Akio wishes nothing but to belong to what he calles “the elite group”

Iori Hida´s female counterpart is Ai Hida, a very sweet second year in middle school. Akio considers her his little sister and made her his assistant , Ai is the true photographer and her skills in that matter are so good that Akio told her she was the “Peter Parker” from the school. Ai is a bit different from her male counterpart. While she loves and respects her grandfather very much, the Kendo sensei, she actually dreads Kendo and is a bit of a kleptomaniac. She is a pro when making up stories but when she finally gains some more self-confidence her klepto traits will disappear and so her compulsion to tell lies.

And finally Ken Ichijouji´s female counterpart, Nagisa Ichijoji. She´s pretty the opposite of Nova, instead of adoring her own elder brother Osamu, she grew up resented by being constantly compared to him. Osamu was the bright, the genius child and her parents usually tended to neglect the sister. Until Nova´s digital adventures, she thought that Nova was a pathetic person. When Nova comes back to classes, ready to kick asses,  Nagisa thought she found a kindred spirit.
Nova still paid little attention to her middle school surroundings and kept visiting her brother´s former friends but eventually she´ll relent a bit and asks Tia Yagami to let the other kids into their group as well.

Years later Nova will resume her role as a Supreme and with Tempus Angemon she´ll be too busy traveling through different worlds to be able to watch over properly on the local digiworld. Sakuyamon, Nova´s former sensei and digimon will summon several digidestineds to take care of the digimons. Sakuyamon initially chooses Tia Yagami´s group of 7.

But NOva, before leaving to her next mission, will ask Sakuyamon to select 4 more digidestineds and suggests Daisuke´s group.

“Daisuke is a good soul and has a lot of potential, yet he still has a lot to atone for all the people that got bullied thanks to him. Maybe, by being a digidestined, he´ll finally understand the true meaning of courage and friendship. Ai ´s potential is wonderful and I´m pretty sure that protecting this world will also bloom her heart. Akio is a dreamer and I´m 100% positive he´ll become one of the most charming people from both worlds…and Nagisa…I hope this will digimon bussiness will help her get some closure to her brother´s death…”


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