Cherubimon meets the Highlander by Elizabeth2003

“…am I fated to meet weirdos in my way or what?!” yelled Elizabeth after pressing the breaks in such a sudden that they almost rolled in the sand had not Cherubimon caught them in time. But the Scottish girl wasn´t thankful for the save, instead she was pissed off!


“I remember you! You are the sicko bunny from reality 04” she pointed an accusatory finger at Cherubimon “And YOU CERTAINLY  CONTRIBUTED to create  this digi-multiversity MESS!”

Impmon and Gabumon adopted a defensive pose, ready to digivolve in any minute. Relena hugged the elder girl tightly from the waist, pretty scared.


“You are not wrong, human” whisperer the giant bunny in a sad tone. If only he could take back everything he has done! But how he could ever raise his head again when his entire self was carrying so much shame that he wished he ´d died again? “Who are you?”


Elizabeth kept staring at him quite harshly.

“I am a Highlander ” answered Liz .

“Highlander? What´s that?” asked the bunny, curious.

“A group of immortals who constantly fight one another but…There can be only one” smirked the blue haired girl “I´m after the Mac Leod but hey! I can always consider taking your head first…”

“WOW!” yelled Impmon, enthusiastic “Miss Elizabeth, I didn´t know!!”


Even Relena seemed impressed.


“LIZZIE! That´s pure BS !!” warned Gabumon, annoyed “Aren´t you tired of mentioning that damned movie?!”


Elizabeth shook her head.


“Never! The 80s rock!”  now assuming a more formal tone she kept talking to Cherubimon who despite his huge depression, he was eager to talk to that group of outsiders. “So you admit your part in this ridiculous war, right?”


“Never felt so ashamed of myself”


“And you were going to be staying in this stinky desert and mope for like..forever?”


Cherubimon nodded.


“Jings! That´s  rubbish and and  is gie’n me the boak” added the Supreme “You coward! Heid doon arse up!”


“What does it mean?” asked Relena confused.


“She´s saying to get on with it” replied Gabumon “But Lizzie, are you sure this is a good idea?!”


Impmon shared Gabumon´s resentments.


“I say to put an end to that beast´s misery ” declared “I would be happy to oblige if you make me evolve into a mega form”


Cherubimon himself began to consider the digimons´s words but Elizabeth shook firmly her head.


“I totally DESPISE YOU, CHERUBIMON” she began to say “Thanks to you I´ll never be able to look at a Seraphimon without thinking in the Sleeping Beauty…YOU BLOODY SCREWED ONE OF MY FAVORITE DIGIMONS´S IMAGE!” she yelled, furious “WHAT  THE HECK IS A DIGITAL ANGEL´S EXISTENCE SUPPOSED TO MEAN AFTER THAT?!”


Her words suddenly cheered Cherubimon´s mood.




Impmon and Gabumon almost died of shock.



And for everybody´s astonishment, included Elizabeth´s, Cherubimon  agreed. Relena gasped, Elizabeth smiled and Impmon and Gabumon never felt so miserable until that moment.


“WE AREN´T SHARING THE BIKE !” they declared in the end.





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