Meet Ryo Akiyama

Meet Ryo Akiyama by Elizabeth2003


Ryo Akiyama´s reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called…Ryo Akiyama!

Although Nova was the first digidestined ,this AU Ryo is the Digidestined that holds the crests of Light and Hope!

He used to be Magnus Takariyama´s frenemy ( Nova´s elder and current MIA brother) . This Ryo is a genius in this timeline and used to compete against Magnus in everything, especially when it´s about science. They were about to compete in a science fair at their school and one day, he sneaked into the Takariyama´s place and went to the basement. (He really wanted to know what Magnus was working on!) And he happened to witness something pretty unusual ( and )

When he watched Nova vanishing into another world, Ryo tried to rescue her and he´d subsequently being dragged by the cosmic forces. When he finally reached the other side, the digiworld, he arrived just on time to witness her final battle against Piedmon ( ).

At that time he could do nothing but watch but when the Digiworld and the Gods were restored to their glory, Azulongomon took notice of the other human and chose him as the first of a following batch of digidestineds. So Ryo, after Nova, became the first digidestined from that world.

Azulongmon granted him two digimons that until that moment, did not exist in that world: Patamon and Gatomon. The Gods asked Ryo to take care of them and instill in the traits of a loving heart and when he said yes,a pair of pendents suddenly showed up hanging on his necks…containing the crests of Hope and Light.
When he returned to his world, even Ryo wasn´t immune to a strange phenomenon…both Nova and Ryo ended returning to a world where Magnus Takariyama´s name has been erased from the collective memories! The world never heard about Nova´s brother…

Still, when Nova visited Ryo at his school, when she asked him about Magnus Ryo could only say:

“I don´t know who´s that Magnus fella but I witnessed your battle…”

Years later, he´d lead Tia Yagami and the other digidestineds into the most fantastic battle from all the times when Frontier Lucemon revives and seeks to destroy all realities….

Note for :iconlordpatamon:, these Gatomon and Patamon are an item in all the sense of the word ;)


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