Meet Inori Izumi


Izzy´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined girl called Inori Izum,i (by the way,  the name´s been suggested by Flapinko)

Although Nova was the first digidestined , Inori is the Digidestined of Knowledge .
She´s 2 years older than Nova and made friends with  Tia Yagami , Miyako Ishida and Sora Takenouchi during high-school when she was once sent to DETENTION after being caught hacking into the school´s system by a teacher.

Since then she was invited to join Tia´s group and Inori gladly obliged.

Computers are her life and never fails to carry her pet..I mean, her laptop (which by the way was baptized as SDF-1, being The Super Dimension Fortress Macross her favorite anime from all the times!)
When Sakuyamon summons her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, ahe´s granted a Tentomon and  the crest of Knowledge.

Now 27, she´s a full pro Hacker and still driving nuts the governments from all parts of the world. Until now, nobody´s been able to catch her …

When Izzy meets his female counterpart, an immediate feeling of camaraderie is born.

“Izzy-chan” said Inori “Is your mother still driving you crazy about still being single?”
“Pretty much yes!”
“And does she still insist on treating you as a baby whenever you visit?”
“I STILL live with my mother!”
“Oh! So do I!”
“Would it be illegal if we marry each other?” joked Izzy
“Probably in dozens of realities!” laughed Inori

And both Tentomons said at the same time:

“No reality is ready for these two!”


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