Meet Yori Kido


Meet Yori Kido by Elizabeth2003

Joe´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined girl called Yori Kido.

Although Nova was the first digidestined , Yori  is the Digidestined of Reliability. (Something that she initially HATED, by the way)

She´s 2 years older than Nova and studied at  Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida´s same class during High School :) (Smile)
She used to be a bit aloof and certainly the last thing she wanted was to be reliable!

She had no qualms on skipping a boring class, avoided joining a club and when a teacher usually tried to “enlist” her help by carrying stuff like boxes or a pile of papers her reply was always the same: “If you are in such a need of making a student doing your chores…then join a damned gym and make yourself fit!”

Of course she ended several times at the headmaster´s office for her parents´s despair.  She also disliked the fact that her own family had plans for her, like insisting on having her study medicine like her brilliant eldest brother and setting Omiais since she turned 16 (that she boycotted anyways)

When Sakuyamon summons her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, she´s granted a Gomoan and  the crest of Reliability.

Now 28, she´s working as a reporter. When Joe meets his female counterpart the first thing she´ll say at him will be this:
“Please, dude. Don´t tell me you are the goody two shoes type!”


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