Meet Sora Takenouchi

Meet Sora Takenouchi by Elizabeth2003

Sora´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined guy called …Sora Takenouchi!

Although Nova was the first digidestined , Sora is the Digidestined of Love . He´s 3 years older than Nova and is Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida´s sempai :)

He used to belong to a bike gang in high-school and constantly got himself in trouble, but he still had his heart in the right place. He used to get in fights in order to protect a defenseless soul and would had given his life , if necessary, only to watch over Tia and Miyako ´s wellbeing.

For years he held an unrequited love towards Tia, despite fully aware that she could never reciprocate his feelings yet he remained by her side as a loyal friend. So when Sakuyamon summons her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, he´s granted a Piyomon and  the crest of Love.

Now 28, he´s happily married with Miyako and is a motorbike racer. When his female counterpart meets this Sora, she´ll certainly be pleasantly surprised!



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