Going against Piedmon

|Going against Piedmon| by Elizabeth2003


Remember the time  Tk dreaming  and Kari were trying to escape from Piedmon  (because their friends and brothers failed to defeat the evil guy and unfortunately both digidestined and digimons were turned into dolls!) and poor Patamon was the only digimon left to face the evil clown.
Angemon was unable to defeat Piedmon and while he was lying on the ground, exhausted and unable to move, Piedmon attempted to kill Kari and Tk by cutting the rope they were trying to climb through.

That happened in the original series (which is one of my favourite episodes ever) , Tk and Kari , were falling to a certain death until Tk was finally able to overcome his fear and summon Holy Angemon. Holy Angemon finally defeated Piedmon by using his Gate of Fate and the kids and digimons were finally free.

But…Piedmon never died.

Instead, the Gate transported him to a parallel digiworld.

Unable to go back to his original world and seek vengeance against the digidestineds, Piedmon did not waste any time and decided to conquer his new homeland.
This digiworld was quite different from his native one, more feral..savage..and he felt it was his “duty” to “civilize” it …but under his own image and will.
He managed to trick the 4 Gods and they ended being turned into dolls! (Piedmon was really a smartass, lucky bastard!)

Well, everything would be heaven for him had not a human landed in this digiworld, also by accident: Nova Takariyama. (13 years old around this time)

(Here are a couple of images explaining how she was sucked into the digiworld Point Rightfav.me/d93stkv fav.me/d9827ix )

Nova received a digivice and the minute it got into her hands, she suddenly showed up in the digiworld.

The girl ´s main mission is to find her missing older brother Magnus, the original owner of her digivice and she looked for him in this strange, dangerous land and making friends with those creatures known as digimons.

Nova spent a year in that land, searching for Magnus and while not really interested in the Digiworld, as soon as she heard about the new tyrant, she agreed to help the digimons to free the world from Piedmon. Not knowing about the “digidestined” word, she sort of called herself a knight, ready to fight for freedom. She won many digimons´admiration and friendship and eventually she was chosen as their leader.

And finally the final battle day arrived!

Nova and an army of digimons ( I drew Knightmons, Atlukabuterimon, Metalgreymon,Merukimon, Sylphimon…)ended assaulting Piedmon´s headquarters, ready to overthrow him once for all!

“How dare you enter my palace?! “shouted Piedmon ” You are going to pay for this insubordination!”

Nova showed her weapon.

“You are nothing but a tyrant! Release the Gods..now!”

“In your dreams, digidestined ” replied the clown “what chances do you, foolish girl, and your friends on winning this war? Zero!”

” Shut your mouth, bastard! “shouted Merukimon ” I will never forgive you for sitting on the Gods thrones and undoing all their work on improving our world!

“Oh no, I shall get rid of you right now and make your fractal codes part of mine!” Piedmon laughed.

And the battle began…




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