Shizuka Kimura meets the Digiworld by Elizabeth2003


Even after being dragged to the Digiworld, Shizuka still refuses to believe that´s true.

For her it´s just a very interesting dream and wants to follow through anyways.

“Shizu” said Kouichi “Why are you so adamant on denying this is real?”

“Because I say so!” and she switched on her earphones. For now she was in the mood for some music.

Magna Angemon could barely believe that a non chosen managed to enter the digiworld withou a Trailmon´s help. But her casual attitude confuses him even more.

“Miss, I strongly suggest you going back to your world. This is no place for someone like you…”

“AS IF! ” she replied “This is the first interesting dream I had in ages. I am definitely not waking up…” and switched the radio “AHHHH…a dream is never a complete dream without Bon Jovi!” and she closed her eyes and began sighing for her another impossible love´s song.

Magna Angemon was sent by Ophanimon to seek for the only digidestined from their reality that´s still free from Lucemon´s claws. And when he finally found him in the human world, he just had to drag him quickly to the digiworld…but never expected that Shizuka would chase after them and being able to jump into his Gate of Destiny and arrive unharmed to the other world.

“Kouichi Kimura, I can´t take care of your cousin. Can´t you persuade her to go back to her world…this is too dangerous for her”

Shizuka , despite enjoying her beloved singer´s songs, still heard Magna Angemon´s comment.

“Dangerous? Then you don´t know hockey!” she giggled “Try playing  in the female league and I can guarantee you that you´d barely survive a game…because girls are by far the most savage, merciless psychos when its about chasing after the ball. And I am the goalkeeper, by the way”

Kouichi laughed.

“What she´s saying is true. THEY ARE THAT SCARY”

Magna Angemon uttered a curse.

“Then she´d better keep an eye in the surroundings! I am not a babysitter!”

Shizuka shrugged her arms.

“Neah, it´s ok. I am not babysitting you either…”

Magna Angemon felt an impending headache. They arrived to the digiworld a couple of hours before and she was already driving nuts!

“…what did I do to deserve such punishment?” he whined in the end.

Kouichi almost felt pity towards the angel. Almost.

“Karma is a bitch, baby” replied Shizuka and Kouichi laughed again. Things would had been much more fun if Shizuka joined the digidestineds the first time…!


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