Meet Miyako Ishida


Matt´s reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined girl called Miyako Ishida.

Although Nova was the first digidestined , Miyako is the Digidestined of Friendship . She´s 2 years older than Nova but while Nova traveled to the Digiworld when she was 13 Miyako was 18 when she finally became a chosen.

She´s pretty different from Matt. Her temper is quite sweet and wherever she goes, she emanates tranquility. She ´s the type of girl who´d cheer a sad soul by playing her music (unlike her male counterpart she plays the cello) and always have a word of wisdom to offer to whoever needed it. Nova´s elder brother Magnus considered her his best friend.

Miyako is a returnee , when her parents split she chose to live in France with her grandfather and learned the cello there. She came back to Japan in second year of middle school  after her grandfather´s death.

She always wished to have  a brother or sister (in this reality she´s a unique child. Note: neither Tk nor Kari have a counterpart in this reality) so when she meets Tk, she won´t be able to repress a sisterly hug.

Her digimon is a Gabumon.

But when she meets Matt Ishida her reaction will be another. The first thing she´ll say to her male counterpart will be:

” I don´t think I like you very much”


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