Meet Tia Yagami



Meet Tia Yagami by Elizabeth2003

From my digimon fanfic, Tai´s reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined girl called Tia Yagami.


Although Nova was the first digidestined , Tia is the official Google girl . She´s 2 years older than Nova but while Nova traveled to the Digiworld when she was 13 Tia was 18 when she finally became a chosen.

She´s pretty much like Tai, corageous, easy-going and ready to go on an adventure. And her digimon is an Agumon.

But unlike Tai, her two main interests are her airplane (she always dreamed to be a pilot since she was little) and girls!

Yup, she´s a hopeless romantic and dated more girls than most of her male friends (and Tai, when he finally meets his female counterpart will certainly be surprised!)

One day, she happened to meet a very beautiful priestess at a nearby temple from the airport. And Tia had to meet such beauty!
What she could never had guessed is that the priestess was none other than Sakuyamon and would take Tia to the digiworld…


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