The return of Ophanimon

From chapter 10.

The return of Ophanimon by Elizabeth2003

“Lady Ophanimon?!”

It must be an illusion, was Angemon´s first coherent thought , it´s not possible that she´s finally back!

He wasn´t the only one shocked by the vision, everybody at Steel Town suddenly stopped their activities and were watching in an awe. Ophanimon graciously waved one of her arms at her people and the town immediately exploded in cheers.

“Lady Ophanimon´s back!!!!” sang the digimons “She´s back!!!!”

And in a matter of minutes, the whole town turned out for a celebration, welcoming back their beloved queen in full flesh. Despite the Digiworld was back in a piece, without their angelical sovereigns, the digimons weren´t willing to fully go on with their lives. They were their Light, their Hope and inspiration…but now one of them was back !


Ophanimon landed in front of Angemon and the male angel wasted no time to kneel before her feet.


“May the heavens bless your sight, my Queen” he managed to say , his throat was barely functioning due to his emotions. His heart finally was able to grasp some light.”Welcome back”


“My dear angel” she smiled sweetly at him “May the heavens bless you as well” and she offered her hand.

He couldn´t contain his emotions anymore and cried while kissing her hand.

“Why are you crying?” asked her, gentle as always.

“Because I never thought this day would arrive” he admitted ” This world hasn´t been the same without the Holy Three…”


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