Impmon joins the adventure

Initially he was captured by Lucemon, got brainwashed and fought the children. Then, he regained his sanity and overwhelmed by guilt, instead of joining the digidestineds he ran away.

And he would end up meeting another digidestined: Elizabeth.

The meeting happened at Digitamamon´s restaurant and Impmon, after refusing to pay his bill (he doesn´t carry money and never imagined the owner would demand american dollars!) and threatening to destroy the entire place as Beelzemon, a girl and her Gabumon stepped in Digitamamon´s defense.
Having a very powerful digivice worked in the girl´s favor and in the following minute Impmon not only was unable to digivivolve but he turned into the girl´s new partner as well!

A very grateful digitamamon gave Elizabeth one of his most prized possessions, a Harley Davidson which he, sometime ago, managed to have smuggled from the human world to his place.

Now Elizabeth, Gabumon and a very displeased Impmon are on the road.

“Why the hell I must go with you?! ” demanded the little guy
“Because I say so”replied Elizabeth, smirking
“I refuse! I am not your pet!
The girl paid no attention to Impmon´s words, she was already busy riding the bike.
“And where the heck are we going?!”
“We are going to Seraphimon´s palace” replied Gabumon, half annoyed, half amused with the situation ” And then, we are going to kick Lucemon´s ass”.
“And you think you are going to win against that monster?! Don´t make me laugh! ” shouted Impmon, mocking the pair.
” Laugh my ass!” replied the girl angrily” I SO HATE that guy! I am supposed to be 21 years old, enjoying my adult life like no tomorrow…and thanks to that S.O.B I am back in my 15s, wearing the damned school uniform, unable to enjoy my favorite beers, cannot go inside a bar and join a fight among football fans…and no sex at all! And you are whining about being a victim?!
Impmon almost fell from the bike, shocked.
” And I´ve been to your timeline, Impmon. And God forbid me, but I dislike you as much as I dislike the Manchester United (Elizabeth is a die-hard fan of the Celtic  team)” she turned back and both Impmon and Gabumon felt something close to fear after looking at her eyes, flaming with passion ” After joining Nova´s troupe of time-dimension travelers, I recall seeing the first time your turned into Beelzemon…wow, in order to be sure you had balls, you sold your soul to a Deva and managed to kill a poor Leomon as Beelzemon. That sounds soooo wonderful!
The little black digimon´s  cheeks turned red, reminding his shame.
“ do you know that?”
“As I said, traveling through time, space, dimensions…you are a piece of work – added the girl – Let´s say that I cannot allow a little guy like you run freely through my digiworld. I am SO going to make sure you are going to atone your messes, mister. And right now, I could use another servant. So you are my servant number two.”
“servant number two?”
Gabumon sighed.
“I am her servant number one.  I used to be a Wolfmon until my path crossed hers…so please, Impmon, don´t make her angry.”
The girl made her bike go faster , so abruptly that the digimons almost fell from the seat!
“You nuts!!!” shouted Impmon ” I could have died!!!
“Get used to it ” laughed Elizabeth
“You are insane! You cannot be called digidestined!”
“According to this digivice, I am a digidestined from Scotland ” continued the girl” And let me tell you this: nobody is allowed to question a member from the Montgomery clan about what can she do or not. Got it?
Gabumon spoke to Impmon
“Impmon, you are now under  Elizabeth Montgomery´s care. Please, try to be nice to her.”
“Nice with that old hag?!” the other digimon shook his head” I´d rather be beaten by Renamon´s tail!
The bike moved dangerously, threatening to throw the digimons. Impmon , scared, finally sealed his lips.
“My twin brother Logan owns his own Deva ” said Elizabeth in a very angry tone ” A Mihiramon, to be precise. May I feed his winged tiger with a little rascal called Impmon?
Impmon, sweating as he never did before, terrified in every sense of the word, shook is head.
” Very well ” added the girl, satisfied”Now let´s head to Seraphimon´s palace…


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