Angewomon vs Nova pt 2

Angewomon meets her human self II by Elizabeth2003

After some arguments between Nova and  Angewomon, Kari´s angel finally decided to take matters in her hands and get to the root of Nova´s bitterness.
Eventually, the opportunity came.

Nova was sitting alone in the rocks, staring carefully at her digivice. Judging by her posture, fragile , Angewomon noticed the digidestined was struggling with her emotions. Always cold and harsh, now she looked like a tiny creature holding desperately whatever was crushing her heart.

“I think it´s time to throw away the masks” greeted Angewomon , sitting by Nova´s side “Don´t you think?”
“Says the angel with a 24/7 helmet?” replied Nova, absentminded.
“I could say pretty much the same about you. Even if you don´t wear a helmet like Ange or me” Angewomon was decided to not let herself easily provoked anymore.

Nova sighed, the last thing she wanted was company. Especially from the angel of Light.
Until that moment she was immersed in her precious memories, desperately making sure they weren´t disappearing from her mind. All what she had from her missing brother was his digivice and the memories. Nothing else. And for her desperation, she realized that the memories were slowing vanishing from her mind…

Nova held tight her digivice, as if praying in silence.

“It took me a while to realize that your bitchiness was nothing more than an act” declared the angel “Why, Nova?”
“I don´t know what you are talking about”
Angewomon took her by her chin and made her look at her face.

“I may not know as well as Ange” added the angel “But I feel a strange familiarity towards you…as if I knew you from forever”
“A sisterly bond, perhaps?” Nova smiled but it was a sad smile
“A sisterly bond, indeed” Angewomon always thought that interacting with the eccentric Nova was like looking herself through a mirror, so she decided to look through her codes. And what she found almost left her speechless, just like she suspected Nova Takariyama shared an identical genetic code! Although not fully developed, but the signature was there. But instead of asking about her codes, Angewomon still insisted on the latter´s attitude. “I always put a cold front when I want to, desperately,  protect myself. What´s your deal?”

Nova´s eyes were about to burst in tears, but she still tried to hold it together.

“I can´t say it” she said in a low voice ” Please, don´t insist”

Angewomon shook her head.

“You may fool everybody but not me. If you keep putting that harsh front, in the future you will end with nothing!”

Angewomon´s words finally hit their mark and Nova´s tears finally emerged.

“It´s not like I have a future anyways…”


Nova stood up and embraced herself. The secret she´d been keeping for herself for so long was about to make it way to the light, no matter how much Nova struggled to keep it sealed in the deepest place from her soul.

“What do you mean by that?” Angewomon stood up too, astonished “Explain!”

And ended taking the other woman´s shoulders and began to shake them, exasperated.

“From all the digidestineds gathered in this craziness orchestrated by Lucemon´s madness…I am the only one who has NO FUTURE!” yelled Nova finally ” When I met Clavis Angemon, not too long ago, in the other side…he allowed me to witness…when I finally find what I´ve been looking for so long…”

Angewomon gasped.

“I don´t fully grasp what you are trying to tell me, dear”

“I devoted my whole life looking for my brother. I traveled through more universes than what I can remember” Nova´s tears kept flowing “…when I finally find the truth, my existence shall be no more. Every time I peek into my future, the result is the same: I´ll die!”

Nova´s revelations were like a punch in the angel´s heart. That was harsh.

“So you´ve been denying both your partner and the rest of us your true self…because of that?”

“I can´t go on living without learning the truth and I won´t live after I face it. So it´s for everybody´s sake that I shall cut upright any type of attachment…” Nova made a pause “When that moment arrives, will you please take care of him? I wasn´t Ange´s original partner and it´s my fault he got stuck with me…please, let Tk and his friends open their arms to Ange when…”

Angewomon could not take it anymore and ended slapping Nova´s face.

“Screw Fate!” she shouted ” And screw the so called destined future!”

Now it was Nova´s turn to show a puzzled expression and put a hand on her swollen cheek. Oh damn! Angewomon was a specialized slapper!

“As a digidestined that travels through time and space, are you telling me that you have given into that crap?!” the angel wanted to shout to the sky, such was her irritation ” Even if that´s true, are you going to surrender yourself?! Without fighting?!”

“I won´t stop fighting, but my visions keep telling me that no matter what perspective I use…I am dying anyways!” shouted Nova ” My time´s running shorter and shorter, I can feel it!!”

Angewomon elevated her hand , again, and Nova closed her eyes. Was she going to be slapped again?

Instead, Angewomon hugged her.

“I am not going to make any promises” declared the angel “While everybody from my group adores Ange, you are now his sworn partner. You are his only family”

“Then what  can I do? What?!” Nova cried finally ” How can I go against Destiny?”

Angewomon hugged tighter, trying to transmit her sad counterpart a bit of her strength

“When my Angemon and I, years ago, faced Cherubimon´s corrupted form..he´d been literally screwing time and space. He was doing everything to destroy the future by messing with the past..the angels of Light and Hope decided to forget about everything they knew about fate and believed they could go against destiny itself. Our prayers showed us , for the first time our mega forms and withing Seraphimon and Magnadramon, the golden digieggs of Miracle and Destiny showed up and lent a hand to the digidestineds. The limits were broken and the distortion finally was fixed…” Nova´s tears stopped . She knew that story. She even witnessed from afar with Tempus Angemon “So when I say that Fate´s not irreversible, I mean it!! Don´t put a distance anymore, Nova. Open your heart and let´s all work together in order to save our worlds…and dream for a wonderful future…”

And for the first time, Nova allowed herself to embrace hope. True Hope.

“I hope you are right”


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