Angewomon meets her human self

Angewomon meets her human self by Elizabeth2003

At first, neither of them realized they shared a connection. When Angewomon faced  digidestined Nova Takariyama for the first time, she didn´t seem very impressed. Neither did Nova. Nova Takariyama, whom ´d been traveling through different timelines for at least a decade ´s grown a bit introvert and sometimes showed an antipathetic mood.

And it also didn´t help that Nova, each time she met an Angewomon, the female angel would always show sympathy towards her digital partner, Ange (Nova´s partner is an Angemon) and act cold towards her. So Nova lately had little patience when dealing with female digiangels and so, they ended having their first argument.

“Nova Takariyama, you should be more humble and treat better your partner …”
“Should I?” smirked Nova
“You act cold towards your partner, my friends and every single soul that crosses your path”

Angewomon felt that Nova wasn´t taking her words seriously.

“Are you really listening to me?!”
“…probably not” admitted Nova ” It´s just that I don´t like your type very much.
“My type?!”

Nova crossed her arms, ready to show her inner rebel.

“Why should I be lectured by you?” replied Nova ” If you like my partner, fine! But lecturing me  just because you want to look cool in front of him…just save it!”

Angewomon had to count up to 10 so she wouldn´t lose it.

” I actually pity your Angemon for having such obnoxious, badmouthed and rude human as partner!”

Nova´s face turned red but didn´t take long before launching a counterattack:

“And I actually pity your poor sense of fashion! Thankfully I will never, ever, have to wear such hideous outfit in my whole life!”

Nova couldn´t dream, at that moment, that Angewomon was her digital counterpart and neither did Angewomon suspect that Nova was her human equivalent.
It was like in an anime, the main characters needed to have a fight or two before turning into the best friends.

Angewomon could take plenty of insults from a Ladydevimon, but Nova turned to be worse than the female demon!

“AS. IF”

Meanwhile neither Tai or the rest of the group dared to approach the women. Even Angemon lacked enough courage to intervene.

And for the following 10 minutes, that section of the Digiworld trembled..Lucemon might be a fearsome villain but even his menace wasn´t as scary as Angewomon and Nova´s friendly  faces.


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