Lord Angemon and nurse Angewomon

Lord Angemon and nurse Angewomon secret affair by Elizabeth2003

From chapter X


“You know, dear?” he said after sharing another torrid kiss “We shouldn´t keep hiding our relationship from the others…”

“What do you mean?” she asked, hugging him

“I love you so much that I want to have you by my side,  ruling together  this continent…”

She gasped.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course! Bringing peace to this world as Lord Angemon and Lady Angewomon…”

Under her own helmet, Angewomon´s eyes began to feel watery. Was he, by chance, proposing?

“This world should be filled with Love” he took one of her hands and kissed it, then he opened it and slipped a tiny object onto it.

“Oh my Lord!” the female angel´s eyes widened when she found out he slipped a golden ring.

“Miss Rei Saiba once said that us, digimons, should embrace Love. And while I am aware there are different types , I am certain that our Love is the most beautiful of all…please, accept this angelic ring and let´s set up for a wonderful Future…”

Such words ended moving Angewomon´s heart and she suddenly found herself weeping non-stop.

“But I am not worthy of  such honor!” she said , still looking at the ring. She was feeling so unsure as happy  “I did nothing to deserve it!”

The male angel ´s heart began to beat faster, worried about his lover´s reluctance. He wanted nothing else than making her his consort! He couldn´t imagine himself sharing his duties with anybody else than her.

“Everyday you walk around these halls, checking on every sick creature and your sweetness helps them to recover faster. You have a loving heart that wishes the best on each creature, be it a human or a digimon. I saw you helping everybody without asking anything in return, cheering a depressed Greymon or lending a none judgement hand to a repented virus like an Ogremon It should me who should better myself in order to be worthy of your hand!”

“I…I…” she was speechless “…will…you let me think about it?”

Everything was so sudden, overwhelming,  that her heart was about to explode. She wanted to say yes but still was so unsure..! Besides, what the Lord wanted was something that actually never happened in the Digiworld…how would the other digimons react to a wedding? Would they approve or feel hatred towards their embrace of human customs? Considering that Neo Saiba, a mere human was the responsible of so many casualties? Angewomon was aware of the resentment that some factions of survivors were holding towards the digidestineds, despite Tai´s heroic actions….

“Of course my love” said Lord Angemon “But remember, no matter what we do…it´s OUR business.  Fear not any objection, so keep the ring and then…let me know. Ok?”

“Ok, my Lord” she kissed him on his lips before standing up “I am going to check on the other digimons…”


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