This is a random scene from the fic, when Tk was 16  he joined a student exchange program;  he was sort of tired of his life in Japan and wanted to experience new adventures, making new friends while finding himself. (He kinda felt lost and not even the other digidestineds could provide the solace he needed) So when he learned there was a spot in the program and the lucky student would be studying for 6 months in London…he jumped at the opportunity…

Once there, despite falling in love with the city and finally getting used to the UK´s digidestineds eccentricities  he still felt lost. And one afternoon, during a gathering at Steve´s place, Tk began to feel  homesick.  Steve Worthington (the black haired guy) noticed his sadness and suggested playing some music. And suddenly, everybody was singing  “Hey Jude” from The Beatles (well, almost everybody since  Monodramon and Mihiramon fell asleep)


This will become a precious memory for both Tk and Ryo Akiyama (Ryo, by Nova and Ange´s insistence, was also living in the Uk at the time, as another exchange student in order to keep an eye on Tk. They ended becoming the best friends)

Note: “Hey Jude” was Magnus Takariyama´s favorite song.

Note 2: I wanted to draw this scene after watching Paul Mac Cartney singing this lovely song with Elton John, Sting and many other great singers in youtube (… ) , the video is taken from a concert held on 15 September 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall “Music for Montserrat” (By the way, many famous musicians gathered together in this concert in order to raise  funds for the Caribbean island of Montserrat after a major volcanic eruption left it devastated. Go to wikipedia if you want to know more)


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