Little Meiko meets the Brits.


It happened long time ago in reality 01´s past  when the british digidestineds , following Tempus Angemon´s orders, chased Zeedmillenniummon through time and space.

They caught him in Tottori, 13 years before 01 events were unveiled. The digimon threatened to destroy the whole prefecture and seriously  cause adamage the 01 timeline so Steve had no choice to turn into Clavis Angemon and summon his Key.

The battle was gruesome yet the Brits did neither waver  nor call for reinforcements. They were 100% confident they would clear up the challenge without problems and so they did.

What was unexpected though the presence of  4 year old child. Her name ´s Meiko Mochizuki and ended witnessing by chance the whole thing; fearing the child  could be harmed Elizabeth left the battlefield and protected the whole time. Logan, Mihiramon and Lobomon fought against Zeedmilleniunmon while Steve digivolved into his holy self and called for his Key.

“HOLY EXECUTION OF TIMES!”  chanted Clavis Angemon and  finished the monster for good.

“Finally!” yelled the trio and their comrades.

“Heck! That asshole had been a real pain in the ass!” Logan cleared the sweat from his forehead “Are you okay, Steve?”


Clavis Angemon nodded but inside he felt floored.

“You should avoid becoming Clavis Angemon, Worthington” he remembered Tempus Angemon´s words “Your body may not be able to resist his power..remember that Clavis Angemon is on a different league from the average Angemon. If you abuse his powers it may bring fatal consequences to you…”

The young lad shrugged his shoulder. He knew his body better than anybody and was firmly convinced he could perfect handle his digital powers. Or he wouldn´t had been invited to join the Supremes…!

“Okay, all what´s left is the clean up and we can go back home…”


The others assented. The clean up meant a complete erasure of the territory´s collective memories and like the MIB guys, clean up their traces so the rogue digimon never showed up and brought so many troubles to this part of Japan. It was their average Monday, they pretty did this sort of things once or twice their week. Supreme meant that they were an elite yet secret group of digidestineds whose mission was to protect several realities´timelines from external interference.

“Please no!” begged little Meiko  tightly hugging Elizabeth , despite her tender age she realized what was going on”I don´t want to forget!”

“Sorry, we have to. Digimons aren´t supposed to be of public knowledge until some years later” explained Lobomon standing next the girl.

Lobomon´s presence only altered Meiko and hid her head on Elizabeth´s chest.

“You are not helping!” she grumbled. The last thing she needed was a little girl glued to her when all what she wanted was to go back home and dive into the jacuzzi.With plenty of bubbles. She gently caressed Meiko´s head and using her softest tone she remarked “But sweetie, you must. Otherwise your own destiny might be altered”

“I won´t tell anybody! I swear!” she was a shy, lonely child and having lost any hope of being accepted among her peers in the kinder she at least wanted to have this. The memory of the fairy tale adventure. Elizabeth looked like a princess and the others were their knights, despite their strange looks.

Steve, still as Clavis Angemon smiled and also caressed the little girl´s hair .

“Then let´s say you have dreamed the whole thing…”

And Meiko would only remember a little part of this scene, was a dream…


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