Sometimes I wonder…was I really supposed to be a musician? , thought Tk while playing Chopin´s Polonaise Héroïque . I feel that this wasn´t the future I envisioned when I was a kid…why do I feel like I´ve been living…as someone else?

He wasn´t even looking at the keyboard, his fingers were moving as if they had a will on their own.

That´s what I mean! Since when I ´m that good in something that, as a kid, I used to be completely hopeless? It was Matt´s dream to be a musician…not mine!

He closed his eyes and again, countless of images began to rain in his mind. Strange events that could only happen in a dream…but they were growing stronger and stronger!

Tk couldn´t make sense of any of them, it was like trying to read several stories at the same time…but then, his heart began to beat like crazy. An odd feeling that was turning into a premonition…a warning.

He suddenly stopped playing the piano and looked at the ceiling.

Something  was about to happen.


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