A future wedding…

gatomon copy

“I am definitely tempted on joining this game” said Piyomon “It looks like fun!”
“So do I!” said Gatomon “But…it´s a human thing”
“So what?” said Palmon “We could always reenact the whole thing in the digiworld!”
“That´s QUITE INTERESTING” smiled Piyomon “I´m in!”
“I bet the others might wanna try it” added Gatomon “But who ´s supposed to be the bride and the groom?”
Palmon and Piyomon looked each other with complicity.
“You will be the bride, of course!” said the pair at the same time.
“Me? Why?” the cat looked at her friends, incredulous.
“Because you are the closest when it´s about humanity!”
Gatomon frowned, not really getting it.
“Hello, Angewomon…”
“You are kidding, right? Just because I assume a female form doesn´t mean I am full woman!”
“Still, you are the closest ” insisted the friends “I so wish I could be like you…!”
The cat thought about it for a moment, her other self…when turning into Angewomon everything seemed so different! The others were quite right, when she was Angewomon her inner feelings were pretty much expanded…
“Ok, let´s say I am doing this. Who will play the groom´s character? Weregarurumon? Or Atlurkabuterimon?”
The others burst in a laugh.
“You silly goose! Of course the groom will be Angemon!”


From chapter VI


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