Nice to meet you, I´m Ayhelén .

I originally wrote this fic in 2003.  It was written in spanish as 4 season crossover, from 01 to Frontiers . The story took a whole year and 58 chapters to be written!
I never expected the story to be liked and yet it ended to be quite cherished by many digimon fans! So many people supported my fic, supporting my vision that in the end, I decided to give it a reboot.
The story certainly needed some corrections, as much as in the  the plot and a better  character management.

Tk´s the main protagonist in the story, and it´s a Takari haven for the couple´s fans. But it´s also more than that. I am giving a new perspective to the whole series, trying to respect the whole canons but at the same time give certain unexpected changes in the turn of events.

Comrades in arms by Elizabeth2003


If you are willing to give this fic a shot (even if my english is far from being perfect) you are welcomed to join this adventure!

Any question or willing to give this authors some cheers just write to me at


Carpe diem!



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